Saturday, July 18, 2009

Activities During Pregnancy ~

Friday - Yesterday after lunch, passed by a stall selling coconut water. I remembered my mum and the nurse told me last month, that I should start drinking some coconut water from now, perhaps once a week. So I stopped by the stall, and bought myself one fresh coconut water to drink ~~ Since the weather is very hot, so the coconut water does gives some refreshing feel in the afternoon. I heard from some friends and colleague that, coconut water can help to reduce jaundice in newborns.

At evening, I met up university's coursemates at One Utama for dinner. While waiting for them to arrive, I went to Mom's Care to shop for some baby stuffs as now they are having sales. Finally bought the baby's blanket which I have been wanting to buy. Now they are having 20% discounts for the blanket, so I bought a blue one, as I had bought a pink colour blanket before this. So now baby has 2 blankets, can on and off change if either one gets dirty. Besides, after scouting around in the shop for a while, I bought a pack of washcloth (8 pcs for RM10) and a pair of long sleeves clothes (RM15.90 for one pair with pants) which are now sold as 'Best Buy' items. Then, I bought a cute bib and one Nappy Time Change Cream ('Buds' brand). I saw a few mummies also bought this brand when I was in the shop. The salesgirl explained to me that the ingredients used in this particular brand are all from the natural plant based ingredients. So I decided to buy one as well.

Saturday - Today I went to attend a public forum organized by the Mamil Mama Gold Club at KL Hilton. Hubby needed to work from home, so I went alone. It was quite a crowded event. A lot of mummies-to-be were there, about 300++ participants. I met up my old friend there, who was one of the staff on duty for today. I paid RM10 for the participant fee, and received a bag of freebies after my registration. The freebies include one 'OSIM' uSnooz Massage Wrap, some milk powder samples from 'Mamil Mama', MPH vouchers and a packet of baby + mummy's essentials from 'Pureen'. The massage wrap looks useful and the bag from Mamil Mama gold club looks nice as well. It was quite an interesting forum which I got to learn knowledge on nutrition during pregnancy, got to know what can be eaten and what to avoid during breastfeeding and how to keep myself healthy ~~
Speakers are all very knowledgeable on the topics that they are presenting and got fashion shows to watch as well.

The forum ended with a high-tea session. No doubt, the food at KL Hilton still as delicious. Although we only paid RM10 per person, the organizer did not seem to be stingy on the high-tea. They served quite a varieties of food which include snacks, kuehs, 'dim-sums', sandwiches, cakes, satay, fried meehoon and others.

I had a great and fruitful day. Got to met up an old friend, and chatted for a while before I left the hotel.

Looking forward to attend this kind of public forum again in the future ^_^


Unknown said...

Hi Shin,
This is Celine, was running thru ur blog. Very interesting. I went to the mamil gold seminar as well. Just wanna shared with you there is a free antenatal in Tung Shin hospital on the 8th of August 2009 and it start at 2 till 5 in the evening. If you are free just call up Tung Shin @ 2072 1655 (marketing dept) ask for Ms. Lee. Limited space available. Hope we can meet there.

~ ShinY's Life ~ said...

Thanks Celine, for your info!! Thanks for sharing ya ~~ However, I am going back my hometown on that day, so don't think can make it worr.. When is your EDD? Which hospital you attach to?

Nice to meet you ~~