Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Visit to Tugu Peringatan Negara Malaysia

After planned for almost five months, finally we realized our 2D1N Holidays in KL. Luckily Hubby did not last minute told us he couldn’t make it. So glad that he managed to arrange his time for this. Besides choosing which hotel to stay in and made the reservations as early as in March, nothing else was in planned.

On that morning, we got ready ourselves by 11am. Looking at the time was still a bit early for checking-in to the hotel so we drove our way to the Tugu Peringatan Negara Malaysia. It is located on the way to KL. Very convenient and we just stopped by for a short walk. This was our boys' first experience to this tourist spot. I was here twenty-over years ago when I was still a small girl. And now I am back here with my kids. 

Kimi said he learnt this place in his school before. I was surprised! He shouted to me and said: It’s Malaysia!

Nothing much to do there besides letting Kimi knew who were those soldiers with guns. Walked around together with other tourists (non-Malaysian) and made us looked like one of them too! Hehe…. Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia sounds good too!

Some of our photo shots @ Tugu Peringatan Negara Malaysia

The Boys @ Tugu Peringatan Negara Malaysia –

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